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Detail for Test #49003


This report refers to a connection test carried out by IP address on 14 Sep 2015 7:17:57 GMT-07:00.

Upstream jitter  0.0 ms
Downstream jitter  0.6 ms
Upstream Maximum jitter  - ms
Downstream Maximum jitter  - ms
Upstream packet loss  4.8 %
Downstream packet loss  4.8 %
Upstream packet order  100.0 %
Downstream packet order  97.5 %
Packet discards  0.0 %
MOS  1.1
REGISTER ms  - ms
INVITE ms  - ms
BYE ms  - ms
RTTMin  - ms
RTTAvg  - ms
RTTMax  - ms
RTT Consistency  - %
Upstream Loss distribution  - %
Downstream Loss distribution  - %
Errors  -
Test VoIP and Speed Test

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VoIP Quality Test

The graph below shows the variance of UDP jitter over time. For voice-over-IP applications, this variance must be kept to a minimum otherwise call quality will be degraded.
Packet loss is shown in red. High packet loss (for example more than 5% sustained over a short period) will result in broken sound during calls.

Upstream results (client-to-server)

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Downstream results (server-to-client)

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Test Audit Report

The test audit report contains an in-depth, technical analysis of the test performed.
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Environment Test

The environment test provides information on the computer that ran this test, including information on its network environment. This data is only provided by MyConnection Remote Agents.